Pedale hi hat Pearl remoto RH-2000

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Remote hi hat RH-2000

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Pedale hit hat remote

The RH-2000 combines the H-2000 Eliminator Hi-hat’s Posi-Link Twin Cam drive system with a third-generation low-friction cable to produce the smoothest, lightning-fast, natural feeling remote hat in the world. Take it from Dennis Chambers, "The RH-2000 Remote-Hi-Hat stand surprised me, on the fact that it is a remote hi hat; it felt like I was playing my normal hi hat stand. I could not believe how it felt, there was no sticking or sluggish response about this remote stand."


Features & Benefits

1. PosiLink Twin Cam Drive System

This exclusive hi-hat drive system utilizes two cams and two double link chains, working together, to provide the smoothest, quietest, most natural feeling hi-hat action ever imaginable. No other system can provide the extreme torque, natural response and tight, crisp hi-hat sound offered by this exciting innovation in hi-hat drive design. We've even replaced the normal felt washer on the lower pull rod with a spring which further helps to quiet the pedal when removing your foot, and adds greatly to the pedal response while playing.

2. Interchangeable Cams

You can easily custom tailor the response curve and action of the Eliminator hi-hat by interchanging cams. Our Black cam provides a smooth, constant, and very natural Linear action. Our White cam is larger than the Black cam but also Linear for a slightly lighter feel. The Blue Cam starts light and accelerates with speed and power toward the end of the stroke. Our Red Cam is similar to the Blue cam but more aggressive. All four cams are included with each Eliminator hi-hat. In addition, two other cams are available separately: the Purple cam with action that is half way between the Blue and Red cams, and the Yellow cam that is the most extreme of all.

3. VariSet Footboard Angle Adjustment

The VariSet System allows the pull cam to be rotated to provide fine-tuning of the footboard angle.

4. PowerShifter

This revolutionary function, first introduced on our PowerShifter bass drum pedals, allows the footboard to be moved to your choice of three preset positions for light, normal, and heavy hi-hat action.

5. TractionPlate Footboard

The Traction Control system permits the user to alter the amount of slip-resistance on the footboard for optimum control and speed. The integrated Traction Plate features Traction Grip dots, rubberized disks, that can be removed completely or inserted one at a time and selectively positioned to provide just the right amount of slip-resistance where you want for your playing style. In addition, the Traction Plate can be rotated with the Traction Grip dots facing toward the front or the rear of the pedal for traction control near the ball of the foot or near the toes for additional customization of the feel.

6. Precision Spring Tension Dial

The Precision Spring Tension Dial features click-stops for precise and sure tension settings.

7. Platform Seat Cup: Patent pending seat cup provides superior stability for precise control over cymbal action and bottom cymbal tilt.

8. DCL-300P Drop Clutch

The Super Grip Drop Clutch features a center griping hinge to hold your upper hi-hat cymbal securely like no other clutch has ever done before. The locking bottom nut keeps the cymbal securely fastened no matter how hard you play.

9. UltraGrip Wingnuts and Wingbolts: UltraGrip Wingnuts and Wingbolts feature an ingenious ergonomic handle with notches that allows your drumsticks to be used for loosening if needed.