Rack PEARL frontale curvo con attacchi DR-501C

Drum Rack curve Pearl



DR-501C bridge rack extension feature curved bars that let your drums and cymbals flow around you for easy reach and greater speed. 
Like all ICON racks, the DR-501C feature height adjustable square bars for 100% slip-proof performance and large T-style feet for rock solid stability.
The DR-501C come with a pair of PCL-100 clamps that fit atop the legs for mounting cymbal holders or additional toms.
The DR-503C comes standard with four PCX-100 die cast Pipe Clamps and the DR-501C comes with two.
The PCX-100 clamps fit to the rack like a glove for absolutely no play and the jaws are adjustable to fit a variety of tubing sizes.
The optional PCX-200 Pipe Clamp features a swivel jaw for added versatility.
The DR-501CE Curved Extension can be mixed and matched to any ICON rack to accommodate larger set-ups.
Features & Benefits DR-501C have 44