Pearl HH-3 Horacio Hernandez Signature - Cowbell

49,00 €

Horacio Hernandez "El Negro" Model , cla bella



Campanccio HH-3 BELLa (Low-Pitched Cha-Cha bell) -
Modello Signature Horacio Hernandez

Designed by contemporary Latin jazz wizard Horacio Hernandez and pitched in accordance to "el Negro's" strictest standards, the Pearl Percussion Horacio Signature Series HH1 BELLa Cowbell measures 4" in length, 3" at it's widest width and 1 7/8" bell opening.

Intended for drum kit and percussion players, it's flat on one side and curved on the other for the option of striking the bell end-on or on the side, like a timbale player. The 2-position bracket keeps wing nuts out of your way and allows placement in virtually any position.

All bells in the Horacio Signature Series are finished in beautiful copper-plate color for a look that is as unique as its tone. Check out all five individual models or the specially priced HHSET....a complete set of 5 with a FREE PPS20L Foot Bracket